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Kevin is an Enrolled Actuary with a background in both small and mid-sized defined benefit and cash balance plans. His primary responsibilities include actuarial valuations, non-discrimination testing analyses and retirement calculations. He is a graduate of Eastern University with a degree in Mathematics and Education. Using his background in education, he enjoys communicating complex actuarial concepts to other professionals, advisors and plan sponsors. He has obtained the Enrolled Actuary designation but is passionate about continuing his education through attending conferences and continuing with actuarial exams on the Society of Actuaries associateship track.

Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather. When they go out to eat, he will typically eat whatever the server happens to recommend. He appreciates all sorts of games including playing sports like soccer, volleyball, or golf, and he also plays group games like Charades, various card games, or Settlers of Catan. Heather and Kevin can often be found hosting friends for a good meal and conversation. Even though he has moved away from the Philadelphia area, he still follows the sport teams, especially the Flyers.

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