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David Sims, JD PhD

BRS Consulting, Inc.

My business partner and I have worked with Lorraine since 2008 through our firm BRS Consulting ( Not only does Lorraine and her team at Aegis Pension Services provide premier actuarial consultation for retirement plan professionals, she is the most responsive and competent actuarial professional I have worked with in the qualified plan space. If I need a compliant plan design that maximizes retirement and tax benefits for plan participants, I know I can rely on Lorraine. Last year, I had a client that decided late in September 2016 that he wanted to establish a cash balance plan with a safe harbor 401k and profit sharing plan. She was able to pull the plan design together and guide us through each step with our client, on time and with maximized benefits. Lorraine is our go-to expert in the qualified plan space.

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